Random Thoughts from Catania Fontanarossa Airport:



Was worried about finding Terminal 1 - then realized: this whole airport IS Terminal 1.

Ahhhh... The Kabuki Theatre that is security check-in...

Continuing a tradition from my youth: enjoying a cappuccino and cornetto in the airport before my morning flight back to NYC. 
(In reality, it's a way to squeeze a few extra moments-in-Italy out of a trip.)

They keep us waiting in front of the Duty Free shops so we piss away our left over euros. Must.resist.urge.to. spend.

Did I really just buy a deluxe set of chocolate Kinder eggs ... For my 17-year-old? ( hope she lets me have one)

Yeah. I spent.

Am I the only person unnerved by the minimal turnover time between the last flight disembarking and our flight boarding...the same plane?

Oh, thanks. Those ebola warning posters truly make me feel so much safer.

Really, Fontanarossa Airport, if you only had a free wifi zone or two, you'd be just about perfect.

Dear Gods-of-Air-Travel: Please, please, PLEASE let my luggage be there when I arrive....

Amazing how people waiting clear across the other side of the gate suddenly try to get in front if me on line as we board. Time for deft use of my drum bag as I resort to body-blocking.

Why does it seem that the physical stature of a traveler is inversely proportional to the size and quantity of their carry-ons?

At what age do I stop wishing that 'The Cute Guy Over There' has the seat next to mine?

Hey, Pal, if you throw your 2-ton bag on top of my drum case... It'll be the last thing you'll ever do...

Do me a favor : hang up your phone and just stop talking. Some of us actually listen to the announcements and safety instructions.

Fabulous. The plane is a cacophony of the words, "I am calling you from the plane," in 7 different languages.

Of course I avoid eating white sugar...except when I do...This morning am looking forward to having a piece of Turkish Delight!...but I denounce myself


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