Fiabe in Tasca


A collaboration with Dr. Gina Miele, noted scholar of Italo Calvino, Luigi Capuana  and Italian folk and fairy tales:  Fiabe in Tasca combines elements of theater with story telling and folk music  to create 45 minute presentations of traditional Italian fairy tales for children.

Musolino and Miele are long time friends who not only share a passion for folk traditions, but also share similar ideas about motherhood and child-rearing, among them: instilling a love for reading and music in your child and exploring the world of fairy tale and myth as a means of  both entertainment and  education.  From these interests, folk singer Musolino and professor  Miele created performance pieces for children  incorporating music, song, live theater and good, old-fashioned storytelling while enjoying and  sharing  the rich tradition of Italian Fairy Tales.  Presentations are available in English; Italian or bi-lingual versions.

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                 Fiabe in Tasca at the New School of Monmouth County,                         
                                                 February 26th, 2016

At A Child's Place School , Lincroft, NJ
March 24, 2016