Random Thoughts on the Bus from Castelvetrano to Palermo:


It's unbelievable how many people are trying to get the driver to deliver a backpack to a relative unknown to said driver ( To his credit, he refuses ).

Holy smokes! Did a bird just hit the windshield?!?

Is that really Bruce blasting over the radio? Singing 'Born in the USA'? I came to Sicily for this? Seriously?

If that 'All About the Bass' song comes on, I swear I'll strangle somebody...

Hasn't this chick's phone battery run out yet? She's been talking non stop since she got on the bus an hour ago.

Every time I look out at this sea my heart leaps for joy! Every. Damn. Time.

Eeesh. I hope I find wifi in Palermo.

Perhaps I shouldn't have packed my reading material in my suitcase...which is now stored under the bus in the luggage hold.

Before I get on the next bus from Palermo to Polizzi, is there enough time to get a guastedda?

Would it really be a smart thing to eat a guastedda when traveling half a morning by bus?
Probably not.

This bus driver doesn't even look old enough to have a license.

Folks, I understand you are in a hurry, but riding your Vespas in the wrong direction in the bus lane won't help you get there any faster. Trust me on this one.

Just sent a blessing to the driver; he got off the bus to help an elderly couple retrieve their luggage. Sent a blessing to his parents, too, for raising him right.

Almost at the station...right about now I start bargaining with The Universe so my motion-sickness doesn't kick in.

The Palermo Opera House !!!! My heart just leapt for joy again!!

Ahhhh Palermo, you are as beautiful, elegant and wild as ever. Promise me you'll never change!

Which make me smile more? Sailboats or fishing boats?

Whoa, I haven't heard this Lucio Dalla song since I still had a 1 in my age.

Ha! I remember once long ago seeing an elephant at this port!

Wait. Was that the float for Sant Rosalia???


Do these kids ever actually tell each other 'ti amo' or do they just spray paint it all over the place?

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