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OK, so we most likely won't meet any Lotus Eaters or run into Cyclops, but there will be lots of music, drums, dancing and ...maybe even some sheep and sirens...

Come on, it'll be FUN!

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Sabbinirica!  Welcome!  So glad you stopped by.  Remember when you were a child how you collected shells as you  wandered along the beach? I still do that...and I do the same with songs...Sicilian songs...

So, c'mon, wander along with me...


Previous events

Spring Concert LIVE online

Queens Public Library

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter with a spring concert live online at this link:

This year's edition will highlight the journey that music makes from the old world to the new and the special connection between Sicilian Roots Music & American Roots Music. Joining me will be these talented gents here in Memphis: Jeremy Barzizza on bass; T Jarrod Bonta on keyboard; Mario Monterosso on guitar. We start at 3:30pm EST/2:30 CST on Saturday, April 16th.