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OK, so we most likely won't meet any Lotus Eaters or run into Cyclops, but there will be lots of music, drums, dancing and ...maybe even some sheep and sirens...

Come on, it'll be FUN!

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Sabbinirica!  Welcome!  So glad you stopped by.  Remember when you were a child how you collected shells as you  wandered along the beach? I still do that...and I do the same with songs...Sicilian songs...

So, c'mon, wander along with me...


Previous events

NICC Presents: Music Under the Stars /Sotto le Stelle

 — (CDT, UTC-05) — (CDT, UTC-05)

Nashville Italian Cultural Club, Nashville, TN

Michela Musolino has been internationally lauded for her unique ability to reimagine Sicilian folk and roots music, alchemized with renowned American musical genres, to mirror the history and movement of people and their musical traditions from the Old World to the New.Now, the Italian South meets the American South as Musolino is joined by Sicilian-Tennesseeans Luca Chiappara & Mario Monterosso. Mario Monterosso, Rockabilly guitarist, has toured throughout the USA and is the producer and lead guitarist for Rock n roller Tav Falco. Luca Chiappara is a world renown virtuoso on the upright bass and has played rock 'n roll festivals throughout Europe and toured extensively throughout the USA. Together Musolino, Chiappara, and Monterosso combine the musical traditions of Sicily with those of the American South for a night of roots music that will make your toes tap and your heart sing.