Random Thoughts from the Countryside


Is there a limit to how many fresh prickly pears a person can eat in one sitting? Looks like am about to find out...

Instead if destroying the magic, watching the mechanics of pressing olive oil only renders the entire process even more miraculous.

How long after I take the clothes off the clothes-line will they still smell so fresh?

That's it! If one more Sicilian man tells me that gaining 5 or 10 kilos would actually be GOOD for me, I am packing it up and moving here forever.

Must remember that to a farm dog, a fur-trimmed suede coat is just an overgrown rawhide toy and NOT a fashion statement.

Love, love, LOVE the sound of a passing heard of sheep; the music of the sheep bells makes my heart dance...my feet, too!

When the farmer from up the hill tells me to stay here at least 5-6 weeks because it'll do me good, am thinking maybe I should treat his advice like gospel.

Oh, great. There's another giant spider here in the bathroom - time to re-live the shower scene in Psycho...

Wondering what's the nutritional content of the smell of fresh pressed olive oil? Heaven smells like this. It has to.

So if I typically drink only 4-6 glasses of wine a year...and am certain I've already blown my quota for the next few years...but wait, this is homemade wine so that doesn't count toward quotas. Right? ??

Do my lungs even know what to do with all this fresh air?

Note to self: Stop falling in love with the farm dogs. You can't bring one back to NJ ( already checked into it..) and besides, they've got jobs to do here on the farm.

Curious to know if clean air and sunshine alter brain cells because am now inclined to give credence to local myths. The one about the secret grotto in the mountain and the giant who lives there is sounding particularly believable.

Hooboy! Curvy mountain roads without guardrails...at night!!

Fact: horses are one of the most beautiful creatures Mother Nature ever gave us.

...and the winner of who gets to plug into the one electric outlet in my bedroom tonight?? The space heater! Sorry , iphone, better luck next time.

What? Did he just grab that burning log with his bare hands?

If restful sleep didn't come so easily here I'd wake myself up in the middle of the night just to listen to the peace and quiet.

After all these years, have finally become inured to those munching sounds coming from the pantry late at night..and that's a good thing...yes?

Can't believe my mouth is watering at the thought of porcupine stew...

Should probably wash my hands between playing with the dogs and eating...probably.

Lemme see... 1350 kilos of olives...converted to pounds...is....uh..damn...that's lot of olives!

....Donkeys. Just. Love. Donkeys.

Forgot to collect the eggs from the hen house this morning?

Nothing I am wearing matches; most of what I am wearing has dirt, dust, mud, animal hair and/or burrs on it; and I don't care.

Make-up? Stoooooop...you're joking,


How much fresh bread & farm cheese a person can eat in one sitting? Who cares?...limits are for sissies!!


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