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Here are a some thoughts about a Sicilian tradition - that rapport between us and the Armi Santi  - those blessed souls who have gone on before us. On November 2nd, La Festa dei Morti, Sicily celebrates All Souls. Sicilians  associate so many beautiful traditions with this Catholic feast day:  special cookies, Ossa ri Mortu,  in the shapes of bones;  sugar paste statues, Pupi ri  Zuccheru, given to children as gifts from the departed... The tradition that made the strongest impression on me was the old tradition of families going to the cemeteries or crypts on November 2nd and making a picnic in the presence of their departed loved ones.  This image of a  celebration, a party, if you will, between the living and the departed souls, centered around the table, ( as any good party would be...) is the theme behind this song.  #tavularimorti #musicafolk #sicilianfolkandrootsmusic #ancestors #festadeimorti #dayofthedead #rootsmusic #november2nd  #ancestors

Sicilian folk tradition