CANTU: a History of a People in Song.

Everyone in the village sang, and each aspect of life no matter how seemingly mundane could be accompanied by a song. The music evolved as each singer would add something personal to the song, creating an unending connection across time and between generations and cultures.

Cantu in Sicilian means “song” and it also means “I sing.” Michela Musolino performs a collection of traditional Sicilian folk songs gathered from moments of everyday life: work chants, lullabies, songs of protest…  Each song, accompanied by narration of its history, associated traditions, and meaning,  becomes a snapshot revealing the customs, mood, ideals and experiences of a people from the past, yet the emotions expressed through these particular melodies and words are timelessly familiar.  Cantu can be be performed as a duo, trio or quartet.

 Cantu  presents songs to mirror the history and movement of people and their musical traditions from the Old World to the New.

Cantu perfomance at Cal State Long Beach, November 2023